Third Way Base Community is a weekly opportunity to engage with radical Christian theologies and explore their relevance to contemporary social problems. What is a social, political, and praxis-driven reading of Scripture and the Christian Tradition and how can it help us address the urgent issues facing our communities such as poverty, racism, cisheteropatriarchy, and ecological catastrophe? We take our inspiration for this gathering from the “Base Ecclesial Communities” of South American Liberation Theology where local groups of working class peasants would gather to read scripture through a policial lens and apply its teachings to their fight against colonial violence.

Importantly, Third Way Base Community is not only about studying the social gospel and its application to our immediate contexts, but also about practicing and experiencing it spiritually through justice-oriented liturgy, rituals, and contemplative exercises. We believe that there will be no material revolution without a spiritual revolution, and Base Community is the ideal place to grow in the process of socially-engaged spiritual transformation.

Join us as we delve into the theological dimensions of active peacemaking and ground ourselves spiritually for the sacred work of collective liberation.

Join us for one of the planned books in 2022 . . . meeting time TBA

Activist Theology

by Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Take a Peak

God of the Oppressed

by James H. Cone

Take a Peak

The Politics of Jesus

by Obery M Hendricks, Jr.

Take a Peak