Third Way Peace Fellowship is an inclusive community of active peacemakers – local activists, organizers, and change-makers, committed to transforming the world through nonviolent action. We aim to bring about collective liberation in our neighborhood, to care for the most vulnerable and build a countercultural community of peace, through grassroots mutual aid projects and critical education.

We also believe that this nonviolent struggle for justice is deeply sacred. Drawing on radical, liberation, and political theologies, Third Way provides a variety of innovative opportunities to explore the spiritual dimensions of this work through the lens of a revolutionary Christianity that finds God in the face of the Other and is dedicated to establishing the kin-dom of God here on earth.

Importantly, our commitment to the subversive politics of Jesus, to what we call the “third way,”  in no way implies an aversion to other spiritual paths or worldviews. You do not have to be a Christian, or even religious, to participate. We welcome the atheist, the agnostic, and the follower of other faiths.

Third Way is not a church. There are no mandatory beliefs. We are simply a countercultural community promoting a spiritual-political path, the path of active peacemaking, and openly invite anyone and everyone to explore it with us.

Artist Rosie Davila provided the artwork on this page.