All are invited to join this conversation designed specifically for the doubters, skeptics, seekers, and heretics –

for those who never connected with more traditional theological approaches,

this group meets to openly ask the difficult and risky questions we all have but are often afraid to ask.

Planned book studies for 2022; Meeting time TBD:

Honest to God: 55th Anniversary Edition

by John A.T. Robinson

Take a Peak

Theology for Skeptics: Reflections on God

by Dorothy Soelle

Take a Peak

How to Read the Bible and Still be a Christian

by John Dominic Crossan

Take a Peak

Join Honest To God to discuss the big ideas . . . The question of God. The problem of evil. The nature of religious truth. Religious pluralism. Science and religion. These are just some of the complex topics we will discuss and explore as we seek to articulate a Christian faith that authentically makes sense in, and speaks directly to, contemporary experience. No question or topic is off limits.

Honest to God typically takes the form of a book study. Reading, however, is in no way required. Please feel free to join us and participate even if you don’t have the book or haven’t read it.