Interested in helping out?

Volunteer at The Open Door!
We always need people to serve food, spend time with guests, and help build community.

Donate food!
Help stock the vegan food pantry with non-perishable/shelf-stable plant-based foods and hygiene items.
Provide a hot vegan meal (all leftovers placed in our neighborhood free fridge).

Email with questions, learn more, and/or sign up.
How to donate food:
Drop food off directly in the fridge at any time.
All food must be labelled with a description, the date it was prepared, and any major food allergens (including dairy, eggs, tree nuts/peanuts, wheat/gluten, soy, coconut, and pork)
What type of food should be donated?
Ready-to-eat meals are preferred. Our goal is to provide pre-prepared food that can be eaten on the spot or easily heated up with minimal appliances. We do have a small freezer and accept frozen food. Food can be single serving (e.g. individual sandwiches, produce, or cups of soup/pasta) or family size (whole dishes or trays).
Plant-based food is encouraged. Plant-based food and meals last longer, are easier to manage from a food safety perspective (i.e. cross contamination and foodborne pathogens), and better align with our community’s defining commitment to nonviolence and compassion.

We do not accept food that has been open and used.
This is not a dump site.
Please help us keep the fridge safe and clean by only donating quality goods that are properly packaged and in good condition.

Email with questions, inquiries, and information